Your Dinner Party

The first stage of the process is booking a date followed by planning your party, including selecting a dinner style and the menu. Robert will personally help you draw up a plan that will include; the time guest will be arriving, time for pre-dinner drinks, snacks, mains, coffee and sweets. We may require visiting your home to discuss your plan and get a feel for your kitchen and the space where your dinner is being held.

With the above confirmed and a 50{33898be072b6c4b3b3f6de01259f569bd8fcdb21eb4ddc76920789426d1cfe25} deposit paid, we will advise you of the time needed and the time we will arrive to prepare for your event. This will depend on the dinner style, menu and the number of guests. Please be advised some dinner parties may require preparation and cooking time up to 4-8 hours before the dinner is ready.


The Ingredients

All fresh ingredients including vegetable, herbs and meats will be purchased early in the morning on the day and be brought to your kitchen for preparation and cooking.

The Preparation

We will require a well-equipped and comprehensive kitchen suited for entertaining. A list of the cooking equipment, implements and serving ware needed to prepare and serve your menu will be provided as a check. Any equipment out of the ordinary that is needed for your dinner party we will bring along. You have the option to hire our exotic Middle Eastern serving wares, coffee and tea glasses to add an authentic look to your dinner. On arrival we will start the preparation of all the ingredients to be ready for cooking in accordance to your schedule, so that everything is fresh and hot.

The Cooking

When the preparation work has been completed the meals will be cooked to coincide with the dinner and menu plan. It is most desirable to cook on a good quality gas stove top and fan forced oven. Electric stove tops are acceptable but we ask that they are fast and modern. The stove top should be equipped with minimum of four burners or hot plates.

We will provide any specialised cooking equipment when needed. You have the option to hire a portable wood fired BBQ to have you BBQ meat skewers cooked in an authentic manner embodying the meat with a smoky flavour.

The Service

According to your menu we will advise you of the required serving and table ware needed to suit your dinner. You have the option to hire our exotic Middle Eastern serving wares, coffee and tea glasses to add an authentic look to your dinner. We only ask that you set your dining table allowing enough space for the array of dishes and be able to comfortable seat all your guests. Please be aware that keeping with tradition, in the traditional fashion, your meals will not be plated prior to serving.

Wine Service

For your dinner party and event we can recommend a wine consultant to help select your wines to perfectly compliment your menu. This option is at no extra charge and you will deal directly with our recommended wine consultant.