My Story


Being born in Africa from Lebanese parents and raised in Africa and Australia, I belong to a heritage and culture in which food is celebrated and is an integral part of life as a means of bonding with family and friends. I was always interested in food from a very young age and inspired by my mother and sister I started cooking as a teenager. Over the years cooking for my close friends and holding many dinner parties I have taught myself to cook and have learnt our family recipes which we shared growing up. My father was a good gardener and grew many vegetables, fruits and herbs in our backyard, which has taught me the importance of good quality fresh ingredients.

…food is celebrated and is an integral part of life as a means of bonding with family and friends.

My mother never used anything out of a tin, except for oils, ghee and tomato paste. At times, she would make her own tomato paste and even vinegar. She would always make her own yogurt, cottage cheese, pickle her own vegetables and olives, pick her own grape vine leaves and bake all her cakes and sweets. I have adopted the same attitude in my cooking; always use the freshest ingredients, right down to dried legumes and pulses.


With over thirty years of cooking and entertaining I have learned the techniques of Lebanese cooking, judging flavours, use of spices and food preparation techniques. I have learnt many different recipes and methods from around the world, which has broadened my pallet and understanding of ingredients.  Researching and discovering how different spices are used by different cultures, the history of certain foods, vegetables and spices, where they originated from and how they have travelled around the world. All this knowledge and experience I apply to my cooking to produce excellent quality and satisfying meals.

The secret is never take short cuts…

The secret is never take short cuts, and always allow plenty of time to do it the correct way, even if it is the long way. Always taste your food, use your nose and consider the pallet of your guests. Many times I would marvel at how much time my mother would spend preparing ingredients and later bring them together to assemble a delicious heavenly meal.

As a celebration of my culture and its food I have released a cookbook dedicated to the food I grew up. The cook book includes recipes using fresh and easily accessible ingredients, meats, herbs and spices and is called ‘Lebanon to Ghana, the food I grew up with’. Available online and through major bookstores.

Through the ‘Lebanese Feast’ I bring the same dining experience to your own home.


If you would like to purchase a copy of Roberts book ‘Lebanon to Ghana The Food I Grew Up With’, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

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